Covid – 19 Update

09 Apr 2020, Posted by Seasons Hospice Foundation in Uncategorized

The Foundation is still making final wishes come true for our patients. And while rent assistance is in great demand, many of our wishes look a little different with Covid – 19. We are creating a lot of legacy projects, buying pre-paid phones so patients can talk to their loved ones that they can no longer see in person, buying e-readers so they can occupy themselves with something other than news reports, getting patients out of hospitals and facilities and taking them home… the list goes on!

We ARE supporting Covid – 19 patients in hospice. Patients that may spend their last 3…4…7… or 14 days in isolation. Their hospice team will see them. It may be for only a moment, but they will experience human touch. It may be virtual, but they will see a caring, compassionate, unmasked face. We are honored to be a resource for the brave nurses, social workers, aides, music therapists, art therapists and chaplains that are making this happen in these unprecedented times.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone – and as always, we are grateful for any support you are able to provide. Please click here to make a donation. Our collegues, the families we serve and the Team at Seasons Hospice Foundation are so grateful for your support. We hope you are safe and well.