The Ruthie Fund

Interns are a valuable asset in hospice care, especially when it comes to creating a personal connection with hospice patients. The interns at Seasons Hospice learn to assess the needs of their patients and families. They become skilled at improving the quality of life for those in hospice care. Many students experience life-changing growth during their internship experience – they learn what a gift and privilege it is to be a hospice professional. That is why Seasons Hospice is committed to providing quality internship opportunities. Teaching the next generation of hospice professionals takes patience, dedication, and skill.

The holistic nature of hospice care brings us to the story of Ruthie. Ruthie was raising two daughters, Susie and Sandy, by herself. Susie was a quadriplegic and Ruthie was very active in her daily care. In 1974, Susie had to be hospitalized. Hope Raymond was one of the ICU nurses attending Susie. During Susie’s hospitalization, Hope, Susie, and Ruthie developed a close friendship, forging a bond that would never be broken. Ruthie had great strength of character and was fiercely independent.  She helped to care for her daughter for many years. 

Sadly, Ruthie began to show signs of dementia. Over the course of their 35-year friendship, Hope and Ruthie had been through so much together. As her dementia progressed, the interdisciplinary team at Seasons Hospice – including a music therapist named Evelyn (Evy) D’Amato – became an integral part of Ruthie’s life. Through the music therapy sessions provided by Seasons Hospice, Ruthie remained connected with the people around her.

When Ruthie died in 2009, Hope decided to keep Ruthie’s memory as vital, strong, and selfless as Ruthie had been in life. Hope Raymond created The Ruthie Fund to support music therapy programs and internships for Seasons Hospice patients in the Boston area. Contact Seasons Hospice Foundation today if you would like to contribute to The Ruthie Fund. Your contribution will enable us to make a difference in the lives of hospice patients and their families through our music therapy programs and internships.  

The Ruthie Fund is for Music Therapy at our Massachusetts location.
Checks can be mailed to the following address:

CHICAGO IL 60677-8005

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