Employee Giving


Annual Appeal Goal: $250,000

Thank you all for your continued support of the Foundation and for using the Foundation’s Funds to support the patients and families we are so privileged to serve!

In 2017 YOU made 396 wishes come true, helped heal the hearts of 296 campers at 8 camps around the country and provided exceptional internship experiences for 104 students!

Last year, YOU all increased your giving to the Foundation by 16% for a total of $174,000! Altogether, we increased our participation rate to 30%! We have some more lofty goals for 2018! We want to increase our employee giving to $250,000 and we hope to reach 40% participation!! In turn, we’ll host 10 camps this year, increase our interns across the country and sites are already on track to increase wishes and legacy projects!

In your email (sent 5/24/18), you will find a list of participation rates by site as of May 2018. We are hoping everyone can increase their participation rate by 15% – we will keep sites up to date as the campaign continues!

Every single donor to the Foundation will get an “I support SHF” pin for the ID badge or lanyard. We have special prizes for the site who reaches the highest participation rate and the site that increases their participation rate by the most! The campaign begins May 24th and will conclude on June 30th!

To make a one-time credit card donation, please go to www.SeasonsFoundation.org/Donate and make sure to use your Seasons.org email address so we know you’re an employee! Or to make your donation thru payroll deduction – using the link or forms highlighted to the left.

All donors making a payroll deduction amount of $10/pay period or more will receive a Seasons Foundation golf jacket.



Wish Utilization and Funding by the Years





2011  $70,000.00  141  496.45 
2012 $95,318.00 439  217.13 
2013 $78,886.00 441  178.87 
2014  $58,492.77  245 238.75 
2015  $34,278.80  153 224.04
2016  $45,239.36  181 249.94 
2017  $203,458.00  396 513.78