Employee Giving

Employee Campaign

Maybe you’ve been a part of creating a legacy project for a family, like this beautiful picture accompanied by thumb print necklaces made by the team in Massachusetts.
Or you helped organize the creation or delivery of Memory Bears like these from our volunteers in California.
Perhaps you’ve been a part of fulfilling a wish – taking a pediatric patient to see the ocean for the first, and last, time, paying a utility bill until a son goes back to work after his dad passes away, or even bringing some wine and a lobster dinner to a couple that has been married for over 50 years.
We hope that along the way, you’ve reached out for our support, advice or to rely on our resources which helped us secure an out of date, no longer published magazine that this beautiful family was longing for.

You may have supervised an intern or volunteered to be a Roo Buddy at Camp Kangaroo.

What you may not have known while you were making such a difference in the lives of the families you serve, is that all these things are funded by Seasons Hospice Foundation. Each legacy project, wish, AOK and Camp Kangaroo is possible because of the Foundation.

To make sure we can serve every family in need, we receive corporate sponsorships, grants and donations from the families and friends of the patients you have cared for. We also receive support via payroll deduction from 33% of you! We are in awe of the care you provide, the ideas you have for our programs and are truly grateful for your donations.

To become a donor, just fill out


and email it to Foundation@Seasons.org or Nat-Foundation Team from your distribution list!