We envision a future where more people will celebrate life and honor its end through the guidance of hospice.



Even small acts and celebrations can have a profound impact on the lives of hospice patients and those closest to them. Seasons Hospice Foundation brings comfort to patients and families by providing essentials and enriching lives with fond, lasting memories. Our funds also support community education to increase awareness about the benefits of hospice, funding for special programs and applied research to improve the quality of hospice care. Extending beyond the borders of traditional healthcare, we treat the whole person and their loved ones in ways that touch the human spirit—adding days to life and life to days.



The Seasons Hospice Foundation logo was designed with special care to represent the underlying values and mission of our organization. The tree, its leaves, the dove and even the box that holds all three logo components have important significance.

The overall look and feel is reminiscent of the Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care logo because the Foundation was created to support Seasons Hospice patients, families and staff. The tree trunk is strong and represents the deep-rooted commitment of the Foundation to Seasons staff and their mission to add quality of life to our patients and their families. The lush leaves represent the abundance of lives we have had the privileged of touching. As the dove takes flight from the shelter of the tree, it is a symbol of the power of love and hope at the end of life. The branches and the dove burst out of the box. This illustrates our dedication to pursuing innovative and creative methods of providing care and support beyond the boundaries of the traditional hospice benefit.

We hope the Seasons Hospice Foundation logo becomes a symbol of comfort and hope for you and your loved ones as well.