Making Memories is one of the most rewarding programs that Seasons Hospice Foundation supports.

Through this program, the Foundation makes grants to fund extraordinary expenses that lie outside the realm of traditional hospice care, but are critically important to the patient's comfort or peace of mind. These funding interventions often provide a special experience that otherwise might not have been possible for a hospice patient and also result in the creation of a joyful memory for the grieving spouse, children or other family members they leave behind. A Foundation Committee of hospice professionals, volunteers and front-line caregivers from the local Seasons Hospice program evaluates the Special Grant Requests. This ensures that contributions are put to good use in the same community and are directed to the most critical needs in a timely fashion.

We at Seasons Hospice Foundation receive wishes, hopes and dreams such as these:

  • I would love to listen to a Mariachi band one more time;
  • I wish My children could have a nice holiday celebration with a meal and gifts;
  • I hope to have one last visit with my daughter and son, who live in another state and can’t afford to travel;
  • I hope my family can find some help with funeral expenses;
  • I wish my husband and I could do something special for our anniversary;
  • I wish to have a wig so kids on the playground don’t tease me;
  • I wish I could have a room air conditioner so I could breathe a little easier in this heat;
  • I hope I can go to one more baseball game and see my favorite team;
  •  I wish I could watch TV in my room but I don’t have the money to buy one
  • I hope my wish is fulfilled—in time.

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